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If you’re in the game of expanding your consciousness and awareness, every now and then, life will provide you with a humbling. Humblings are a necessary – and at times excruciatingly uncomfortable – part of our personal growth journeys. One decent humbling, owned and accounted for FULLY, can take away a significant chunk of precisely […]

Owning & Alchemizing a HUMBLING


Shame runs DEEP in us human beings.  We grow up with it everywhere. It’s IN us, at a cellular level, and it’s an illusive & silent killer. From being shamed for our bodies & our sexuality by systems and structures whose sole purpose it is to hold false reigns of power, to personally holding things […]



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Commitment is a HUGE Key… I’ve had quite the journey with commitment and it has unlocked so much in my own personal life, and the people i work with. Even the word COMMITMENT can bring up a lot for people, through our conditioning, our history and where we may not have been as solid as […]



**10 minute read** Normally I don’t share publicly about my deeper inner quests into the “mystical” realms. I’ve always kept these experiences close because they are about my own personal development. There is beauty in keeping things contained and allowing them their integration time before exposing them to the world. However, I’ve felt the call […]



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In recent times I have been recognising at new levels, just how much fear can still be a player in my life. From the tiniest traces that sneak up and weave their way through our thoughts, words and actions, to the fear that can envelop our whole being, like we’re being constricted by a giant […]